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Ever feel like you can never figure out what to accomplish at the gym? It gets stressful and then you end up never going. I felt that way too. I always felt like I could never go to the gym alone without a personal trainer, but eventually, I got a routine down and will share my workouts with you every Wednesday. I will mix my workout routine and a CrossFit workout of the day.

Today I will list an all-body workout good for any day and should last around 45 minutes to an hour!

Cardio and Core

  • 20 min jog on the treadmill

  • Crunches 4x10

  • Superman 4x30sec

  • Plank 4x30sec

Upper Body

  • Bench 4x8

  • Butterfly's 4x10

  • Lat pull downs 4x8

  • Cable row 4x8

Lower Body

  • Squats 4x8

  • Leg extension 4x10

  • RDLs 4x10

I hope you enjoy this simple workout that should help you break a sweat!

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