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Creating Good Habits in College

In college, the transition to a new environment presents many challenges, among which peer pressure can significantly impact a student's health and academic progress. As I approach the end of my freshman year, I've learned to strike a delicate balance between excelling in my studies, maintaining my health, and enjoying social activities with friends.

Currently pursuing a major in International Business and German, my aspirations for a career filled with travel and diverse experiences underscore the importance of academic success. Despite not being a natural academic, I've cultivated discipline and diligence to achieve consistent A's and occasional B's. This journey has demanded sacrifices, like prioritizing studying over social outings when necessary, recognizing that my primary goal at college is to obtain a degree—a valuable investment in my future.

Beyond academic pursuits, my mother's emphasis on healthy habits—proper nutrition, regular exercise, and weight management—remains influential. Adapting to college life, I've improvised by making conscientious choices in dining halls, stocking my dorm kitchenette with nutritious options, and prioritizing protein intake while minimizing carbs. Learning from past lapses in my first semester, I've prioritized morning workouts to ensure consistent physical activity, understanding its vital role in overall well-being.

Yet, amidst academic and health priorities, maintaining a vibrant social life remains crucial. While cherishing moments with friends and embracing youthful experiences, I remain mindful of safety, especially when socializing in unfamiliar environments. Limiting alcohol consumption and prioritizing personal safety measures, such as staying aware of surroundings and utilizing technology like an Apple watch for communication, ensure enjoyable yet responsible social engagements.

Navigating the college experience demands a multifaceted approach, encompassing academic dedication, health-conscious choices, and balanced social engagement. By prioritizing these aspects, I aim to not only excel academically but also grow and have memorable experiences that will shape my journey toward a fulfilling future. Which I hope reading does as well :)

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